Streetfighter Love

Yesterday I was able to pass by the mall to pick up my long-overdue pile of comics, and I happened on a wonderful suprise. The store saved for me a copy of the Udon Streetfighter Tribute art book. I’ve known about this book for a while but really haven’t had the opportunity to get it online. Well, thankfully my main comic store Comic Quest stocked it and despite suddenly popping in I am overjoyed at having it.
The large volume is bursting at the seams with Streetfighter artworks from artists/streetfighter fans from all over the world, from popular Udon artists to guest contributors, animators and gamers (including one piece from local artist Kriss Sison, who is coincidentally my partner in our popular local manga Ninja Girl KO!). The pieces range from the awesome to the strange, but all radiate that love for the franchise that you can’t deny. Darn, I wish I was able to give in an artwork as well… maybe next time. Hmmm…

Man, I wish I could scan a ton of the artworks and use ’em for wallpapers on my mobile phone. With the addition of the SF Tribute book, my collection of Udon Streetfighter art books (Including Art of Capcom and the Udon Streetfighter book) is now an awesome trilogy. Highly recommended if you’re a SF fan. Great stuff!


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