Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe lands in November

Midway’s crossover brawler has been given a street date. The US market will have the pleasure of pummeling Superman’s face into the pavement or ripping off Wonder Woman’s spine (OK, not really) this coming November 16. In the meantime, Eurogamers will have to wait a bit later for their game on the 21st.

Now, I’ve been quite harsh with this game in the past, but to be fair, from what I’ve seen the graphics look great and the fighting brutal- it surely can’t be anywhere as bad as MKA or the previous MK games, right? Anyway, with Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion and VF5R for the consoles quite a long way down, I’m open to giving this fighting game a try. Still bummed out at the seeming shortage of babes in the game (where’s Poison Ivy..?!), but we’ll see.


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