Virtua Fighter 5R Interview just posted a pretty awesome interview with Sega’s AM2 Team Head, Makoto Osaki. It’s pretty awesome in the simple fact that it seems to be the ONLY Virtua Fighter 5R/AM2 interview out online. The latest and most substantial arcade upgrade to VF5 has been pretty secretive since it’s release a few months ago, and that’s a sad thing- I’ve seen dozens of matches online, and really… the game KICKS ASS. I can honestly say VF5R is the only other fighting game I’d consider as wanted as Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.
The interview is pretty lengthy, although it still doesn’t answer everything- particularly the question about a possible home console version. Once again, the answer is vague… but I’m pretty certain VF5R will eventually come home, most probably as a stand-alone release. Just when is the big question, but it’s pretty much just a question of what comes first- VF5R or Tekken 6BR.

Check out the whole interview here.


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