TGS2008: Tekken 6 on Xbox360!

This world-shaking revelation was made today at the Tokyo Game Show at the Microsoft Keynote, and later confirmed by Namco dev head Katsuhiro Harada in a Gamespot Interview. Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion will be coming to consoles next year… not only to the Playstation 3, but apparently to the Xbox360! It’s quite a while away- Fall 2009. Now, THAT Sucks. Almost a year away??? COME the Freaking ON!

Man, it’s gonna be a long wait, but at least we know a lot more now. I just hope it comes a lot earlier, damn it. Awesome stuff. Check out the Gamespot Tekken 6 BR Interview below.


2 Responses to “TGS2008: Tekken 6 on Xbox360!”

  1. traitors traitors traitors !!!!!!! not only we have to wait one more year but it will also come on the crappy Xbox 360 !!!! that’s it, i’m depressed for the day.

  2. BRINGIT!!! Says:

    Think about it this way…if T6 comes to the 360 it can ONLY help the game make more money. With that COMES more games!!! I hated this change at first but then, I thought why hate?” Its helping my favorite fighting game AND its letting me get a chance to Whoop all those HALO people!!! That’s sound good to me!!!

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