Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion PS3 Preview on 1Up

Contrary to earlier reports that Tekken 6 won’t be at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, 1Up has revealed in a new preview that a playable version of BR is present at TGS, with all 40 characters (including newbies Alisa and Lars… heheh… Lars..) present and accounted for. So far we know that the Tekken Dev’t Team is shooting to flesh out the characters’ storylines a lot more fully in the home version, with a lot of emphasis on the Mishima-Kazama-Mishima-Alexandersson conflict (man, what a family). The 1Up guys seem quite charmed by bubbly android Alisa, who is confirmed to have been created by Doctor B. in the image of his deceased daughter… an anime/manga trope if I ever saw one, and it should be quite interesting to see how it plays out in the story. Anyway, there’s also a teasing bit that suggests that Alisa may not be the only Bosconovitch playable in the game… Hmmm….

Anyway, read the whole thing yourself here at 1Up’s Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion Preview.

Man, hopefully this means we’ll be seeing more vids and gameplay on T6BR from TGS. I am STARVING of content from this game. More on this as I get it.


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