Justice DOES Exist in the World… Tekken 6 PS3 Confirmed!

Well, I called it correctly, I guess. Namco-Bandai has finally let the Tekken Cat out of the Bag. But the console won’t just be getting Plain Jane, ‘Vanilla’ Tekken 6… we’ll be getting Bloodline Rebellion, BABY!

This lovely bit of info has trickled from a podcast from IGN, who attended the recently-held Namco-Bandai Pre-TGS Press Conference in Tokyo, where the game giant gave out surprise announcements about their future releases. The PS3 version of Tekken 6 will have more additional content than even the upcoming Bloodline Rebellion upgrade (but of course), which already includes new items, costumes, customizations, stages, moves and two new characters.

Unfortunately, no word yet on an exact release date- all we know is that the game will ‘eventually come to PS3’. Bummer.

Oh-KAY! What does this mean? Well, this pretty much confirms you can forget a Holiday 2008 release. I’m willing to bet that Tekken 6 BR PS3 will launch with the upcoming Tekken live-action movie perhaps by mid-2009… but I’m praying for earlier… maybe March, which is a traditional Tekken game release month?

More on this as we get it! WOOHOO!!! Finally! Something to look forward to in fighting games in 2009.


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