Xbox360 gets exclusive Tomb Raider DLC!

It seems that Microsoft scored a doozy with Lara Croft recently. Kotaku just posted that the Xbox360 will be getting two DLC sets soon after the release of Tomb Raider Underworld. These sets will extend the adventures begun in the main game, giving players several hours of additional gameplay, story and action.

The first DLC expansion, Beneath the Ashes, will hit Xbox Marketplace towards the end of December and continue Lara’s adventures after the main storyline of Underworld has finished. Featuring a new and exclusive area, players will be able to kill new enemies as well as uncover even more secrets.

The second DLC pack, mysteriously titled Lara’s Shadow, will be released in early 2009 and expand gameplay even more by introducing a new playable character!

Man, this is interesting. Kinda kills any suspense that Lara will make it through her latest adventure alive. But then, Lara always lives… right..? Tomb Raider Underworld is set for release this November. Till then, PS3 fans gnash your teeth for your own DLC.


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