Soulcalibur IV Halloween DLC

About a month early, All Hallow’s Eve-themed downloadable content for Soulcalibur IV has arrived on the PSN store (and Xboxlive Marketplace). Unfortunately, there’s really not much to the package. There’s a Witch’s Hat, a Wizard’s Cape, some ‘Short Slops’ for the females which is basically poofy short pants, and velvet shoes. Oh, and a large Pumpkin Head helmet. Halloween DLC. It’s really not good for anything but creating The Headless Horseman (or Horsewoman). The shorts are- well, they look damn stupid. I’ve been waiting for a proper pair of shorts for the ladies and this isn’t it. NOT worth the $1.99, unless you’re a completist. I just bought it in the hopes that Namco will make more, and hopefully BETTER DLC than this crap. Oh well.


One Response to “Soulcalibur IV Halloween DLC”

  1. Thanks for the undate even though they still cant get it right with the womens shorts.

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