Sheng Long

Famitsu of Japan has just reported in their latest issue that the infamous Gouken AKA Sheng Long is now in the Japanese arcade version of Streetfighter IV. The master of Ken and Ryu who was supposedly killed years ago by his brother, Gouki (Akuma), the most powerful practicioner of Shotokan is now back to show his power. Actually, Gouken/Sheng Long actually originated from a mistranslation years ago, and starred in a pretty popular April Fool’s joke in EGM. Well, after all this time, myth has become reality and Gouken’s apparently a real character now. Like Akuma, the old fighter will challenge expert players in SFIV, and will most probably become playable after a while.

Me? Not really excited. It’s just another Shotokan, at best with some variations of attacks and cool supers… at worst, an Akuma skin. WHERE ARE THE FREAKIN’ BABES, CAPCOM???

Anyway, box art of the home versions of SFIV, particularly the PS3 game, have been popping up online. The Japanese version features Ryu, while the US game features Chun Li on the cover (artwork)- no doubt tying in with the upcoming Chun Li Movie.


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