Where is my Tekken 6 PS3, Namco?

With the announcement of the arcade upgrade, Bloodline Rebellion, to Tekken 6, us fight-fans are of course understandably ranting… “WHERE IS MY CONSOLE TEKKEN, NAMCO-BANDAI!?!”

That said, sadly ladies and gents… I am pretty sure we won’t be seeing Bloodline Rebellion on console anytime soon. It’s an arcade release, and Namco-Bandai’s big card for their arcade operators. It’s something fresh, new and will get players back into arcades playing and spending again to earn tons more gold for cool new items and duds for their already-tricked out fighters. On the other hand though, this means that Tekken 6 Classic (the non-BR game) won’t be the hottest thing in the arcade… however, it’s gonna be awesome on console. So we can probably expect an announcement soon (hopefully) of the long-awaited console port of Tekken 6. Almost surely, it’s a PS3-exclusive… Tekken has always been a Sony exclusive, and will remain so as far as I can tell. EVERYONE and their mother is screaming for Tekken 6 on console, though not everyone is really that aware of BR. Plain ol’ Tekken 6 will do just fine. Of course, we won’t just be getting a plain ol’ port- Namco has always done excellent home conversions, and along with arcade-perfect graphics and gameplay should come home-only extras like Story Mode and all those cool CG cinematics, VS and Team Battle play and all the stuff that came with the arcade version (and hopefully a little bit more).

As for BR… wait some time after the December release, and eventually the upgrade will be available as well, perhaps as DLC just as Dark Resurrection was. Who knows… maybe a PSP release will eventually be available too (don’t count on that though).

So let’s all just be patient. TGS is just around the corner, and a lot of things can happen before now and Christmas. I don’t expect a release this year (maybe early 2009), but at least an announcement may be coming very soon. Tekken 6 is Namco-Bandai’s only big fighter coming. There’s nothing else. It’s INEVITABLE.

More on this as we get it.


3 Responses to “Where is my Tekken 6 PS3, Namco?”

  1. Bajii Dan Says:

    Yep, Namco always adds a lil something n their home versions.. cant wait. ^_^

  2. c’mon Namco.. hope you’re making an Xbox360 version. Wanna get another good fighting for a good system!

  3. Hahaha! Weird to look back at this post and see how wrong I eventually turned out to be… no T6.0 port, but a full Tekken 6BR+++ version for consoles… awesome.

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