Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Trailer and Impressions

Here’s the trailer for Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion from the AM Show in Japan. A clear, streaming version is available on the Tekken Official site, but high traffic will surely make watching that pretty hard. Luckily, someone’s shared the vid on the Tube.

Lars Alexandersson looks pretty slick in his armor-like costume, despite looking like a European Jin or a Super Saiyan. The lion-like breastplate reminds me of Griever from FFVIII. A ‘rebel’ seeking to bring about a new civilization… perhaps he represents a third party in the Tekken 6 conflict, fighting against both the Mishima Zaibatsu and G-Corp? Looking at him, I can’t help but be reminded of Laocorn Godaemus from the Fatal Fury motion picture.

As expected, Alisa Bosconovitch is not all that she seems- she’s apparently a robot or android/cyborg, as shown by her ability to sprout mechanical wings and fly, and extend chainsaws from her arms. The surprise at the end is pretty crazy… and awesome. Exploding head… man, and I thought I had seen everything in Tekken.

The returning characters get new costumes- I hope we don’t just get one or two. Come on, Namco! After all this time each character should have a nice, full wardrobe. I particularly like Zafina’s sexy new outfit (capris and instep guards are sexy) and Lili’s futuristic dress. LOL at Marduk’s masked wrestler look. It seems that hakamas will be a common item, at least for males.

Bryan has a freakin’ gatling gun. Raven has a large shuriken. Miguel can now do a Honkytonk Man Impression. But how can you top Xiaoyu’s new magic wand, which wraps the opponent’s head in a cute panda mask?

Dragunov seems to have taken a peek into Raphael’s (SCIV) closet. On the other hand, Lili can now summon penguins (or Prinnies?)… and unlike Bruce’s chicks, they can ATTACK!

The new stages look cool, although all seem to be at night or in the dark. I love the hotel with the fountains, although the one with the crashing helicopter reminds me of Tekken Tag Tournament for some reason…

The new hair customization seems very expansive- you can add hair in layers (add bangs, tails, etc) and use stuff from other characters… so you can have Asuka wear Jin’s hair if you want (BUT WHY?). Color also seems to be more varied- hopefully you can mix or pick your own shades and tints, instead of just buying specific-colored hair.

A less crystalline, more fleshy and bloody Azazel was shown as well. He’ll surely be tougher and more powerful. No sign of Nancy though…

MAN! That was awesome. I can’t wait for this upgrade! December’s gonna be a long wait. Hopefully news of the PS3 release will come soon and tide us over while we agonizingly anticipate this next big thing in fighting games. More on this as we get it!


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