Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion First Details!

The first clear images and information about Tekken 6’s arcade upgrade, Bloodline Rebellion, have been posted by Andriasang.com. The goods come straight from Tokyo’s Amusement Machine Show, which opened today. Apparently, Tekken 6 BR is running on several kiosks at the show, and is in playable form. The upgrade features quite a few new elements which make it a pretty considerable change from the original arcade version.

New Characters! As reported earlier, two new faces enter the roster.

Alisa Bosconovitch, the new babe on the block, is apparently some sort of cyborg or robot- according to the report, she seems to sprout weapons like chainsaws or even mechanical wings during the match. Even crazier, at one point she takes off her head and uses it as a bomb. SHE TAKES OFF HER HEAD, folks. CRAZY! Well, let me say this… I think we called it quite close. WOOHOO!

As for Lars Alexandersson, there’s not much known yet about him but he’s described as “a rebel who’s risen to build a new era”. Hmm. Whatever.

With the addition of these two challengers, the roster is now at 40- as mentioned in the earlier writeups of T6, the largest lineup in a Tekken game ever. So finally, Namco is fulfilling the stuff they’ve been crowing about. The veteran fighters all get new moves and updated balance (hopefully guys like Bob and Leo will get much-needed tweaks). There were a couple of new stages, as yet unnamed. One was a fiery ruined harbor, while another had a chopper crash into a building.

As expected, there will be new costumes for the returning characters- Lili was seen in a slick new costume wtih thigh-high boots; Marduk in a masked wrestler outfit and Kazuya in hakamas, while Xiaoyu is sporting a new skirted outfit. There will also be new items and customizations. Shown in the video was a gatling gun for Bryan, a magic wand for Ling that shoots out stars and hearts, and apparently one item that summons penguins from the ground (!). Hairstyles for characters will also be much more customizable, allowing players to combine hair elements to their liking.

For the whole report and lots of pics from the AM show, check out Andriasang.com’s Tekken 6 BR Coverage.

What can I say? I’m pretty pumped, that’s what! Alisa the Robot Girl sounds WILD, and I can’t wait to see the stuff she can do. Can’t wait to see the new items, new costumes and new moves! Damn, it’s a while yet till December, and who knows when BR will appear here locally in my parts (if even at all)… but I am hoping this is all a prelude for the PS3 release- Namco MUST release Tekken 6 on PS3 with all these BR additions. They MUST, damn it! Anyway, more on this as we get it. Looking forward to actual video footage and more pics! Later then.


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  1. pls convert tekken 6 or tekken 6 br to psp pls pls pls…..

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