Tekken 6 BR Musings: Alisa Boskonovitch

Okay, it’s just a day away from the Tokyo AM Show, and perhaps by tomorrow we’ll finally find out more about Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and the two new fighters apparently joining the tournament. But let me take this time to do a little speculating and guessing, and let’s see how much we hit or miss.

Alisa Boskonovitch. What do we know about her? Well, aside from the familiar surname, precious very little. Looking at the blurred single pic, we can see she’s got shoulder-length pink hair, an unusual skirted dress, gloves and stockings. That’s it. From here, let’s try to build and figure out what this new babe might be all about.

Boskonovitch, of course, is a reference to Dr. Gepetto Boskonovitch, that scientific genius (and one-time playable character) instrumental to many of Tekken’s storylines. It’s certainly too odd a name to give to a new fighter who ISN’T related to Dr. B., so it’s probably safe to assume Alisa is related. Is she his daughter or grand-daughter? Probably the latter. Perhaps Alisa is the so-called daughter who had an affliction before which necessitated the acquisition of the Ogre’s Blood way back in Tekken 3. Then there’s that whole cold-sleep thing.

Anyway, Alisa may be the girl who was given the Ogre Blood, or sent into Cold Sleep, or both. In any case, she’s awake and for some reason finds a reason to join the full-contact madness of Tekken. Why? My ready guess is that she’s in this for revenge- Bryan Fury supposedly killed or injured Dr. B. soon after he was given the Perpetual Energy Generator that serves as his heart… Alisa would naturally want to take that heart back, preferably from Bryan’s cold, quivering corpse. Maybe it’s just to get funding to cure her old man- though that reason is far too similar to Christie Monteiro’s. On a wild hunch, maybe her Ogre Blood infusion is driving her to fight in the tournament?

On another aspect, what fighting style could Alisa have? As the daughter or grand-daughter of a scientist, she really shouldn’t have any martial arts training. And I think that the devs have already drawn the improvised fighting style-card with Lili’s “Tricking” streetfighter style. So how will Alisa fight?
I’m thinking maybe Alisa will fight with the help of science. Maybe she’ll have enhanced abilities and powers? Maybe she’ll be like Crimson Viper in SFIV, and use gadgets? Maybe she’ll be passed off as a genius like her father, only in physical skills, so she will have some sort of deadly special forces crap to use?

In any case, it should be pretty interesting to see what fighting style Alisa eventually reveals. I’m hoping it’s interesting and unique, instead of just being your generic fast-girl style.

Lastly, how will she act? Will she be all winsome and sweet (“Forgive me, but I have no choice but to fight…”) or will she be slutty (“Did that do it for you, big boy?”) or bitchy (“No one can stop me!”)? Pink hair, girly costume- probably she’ll be nice and sweet but confident. Or not.

Well then, what can we say? I’m throwing that Alisa is the grand-daughter of Dr. B., out to cure her father who got fragged by Bryan Fury. If she can take out some payback on the evil cyborg, all the better. How will she do it? Alisa’s Ogre Blood infusion or her grandfather’s experiments gave her unusual abilities which she can use to defend herself and deal out the pain. Expect some weird but cool attacks and perhaps some psionic/psychic abilities? Such a girl will be driven but naive, sweet but dangerous. She’s certainly something to check out when Bloodline Rebellion finally breaks out.

How right or wrong will we be? We’ll just have to see.


4 Responses to “Tekken 6 BR Musings: Alisa Boskonovitch”

  1. great guessing bro!!! how many researche did you do.. but anyway all of it was understandable.. i preety agreed to all what you said.. we’ll just find out won’t we. do you like namco? well i like them but also hate the at the same time.


  2. Wahaha! Yeah, us Tekken fans apparently have a love-hate relationship with Namco-Bandai. On the one had, they frustrate us so much, but their game is just so awesome. Mark my words- we curse them now, but once the PS3 version of Tekken 6 is announced, we’ll all yell PRAISE BE to Bamco… ^_^

    Anyway, the guess on Alisa is just that- a guess. Use of some common Tekken lore and a look at the current roster. We’ll hopefully see more solid info soon. Later, dude!

  3. hey check alisa’s photo out!! this is a lot clearer? http://games.sina.com.cn/t/i/2008-09-18/1442149274.shtml
    just don’t know what fighting style she’s using.. luckily japanese are having a taste of her in the arcardes now!! laterzs…

  4. Devin Osman Says:

    Well from the trailer of Tekken BR, Alisa appears to be a sweet heart who is indeed a robot “Chainsaw hand, Metal Wings”. Anyways I can’t wait to learn about her story and really see her in action. Also I’m a huge Bryan fan so I hope theirs no beef between them “hope”.

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