Musing about Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

It’s about four or five days to the AM Show in Tokyo, Japan… and our first look at the arcade upgrade to Tekken 6, Bloodline Rebellion. It’s been more than ten months since the original came out- since then, I’ve played Tekken 6 a LOT. So what do I expect from this add-on?

New Characters. Arcade upgrades usually mean new faces joining the fight. Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution added Brad Burns and Goh Hinogami. Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection gave us Lili Rochefort (Yayers!) and Sergei Dragunov (and a returning Armor King). So it’s quite natural to assume we’ll be seeing at least one or as many as two or three new contenders. I’m hoping for a new guy and girl, and a returning veteran. It’s pretty impossible to predict what kind of all-new fighter will emerge, so perhaps it’s easier to speculate on a possible returning old face. Kunimitsu has continually been asked for by fans. Perhaps we’ll see the stealthy kunoichi back? Me, I never cared much for Kuni- she was really just a Yoshi rip-off, given a bit of sex appeal in Tekken Tag, and then nothing. If we were to see an old face return, I’d settle for… Unknown. Yep, the mysterious, nameless female boss from Tekken Tag, with her hot ‘body paint’ and ‘burnt white dress’ outfits. Unfortunately, with Mokujin already available, another mimic character would be pointless. Still, one can always dream…

More Customizations. Let me say it. Tekken 6 rocks in many ways- the animation and gameplay is awesome (bound combos and all), the roster overflowing with cool fighters… but the customization is lacking. Simply put, Virtua Fighter 5R and even a console fighter, Soulcalibur IV, kick Tekken 6’s butt when it comes to customization.
Tekken 6’s customs are basically like VF5- you’re given several costumes, each of which consist of several pieces, which you can then mix and match. Some alternatives for each piece, or color variants, can be bought. It’s pretty limited, particularly in the light of SCIV’s cool CAS feature. Even VF5 has overcome the initial limitations by the Sega AM2 team’s frequent and numerous additional items and stuff to trick out and pimp your fighter. Tekken 6? Not much. Perhaps not just an infusion of new customs and additional tops and pants is in order- perhaps an overhaul of the whole customization feature is in order. Really, Character Customization is big, and it’s here to stay. Tekken 6’s got great looks, let’s take it even farther.

New Moves. A couple of new attacks, throws or combo strings can never hurt. It always rocks to have a new weapon or surprise to throw at your opponents. VF5R added cool wall throws and new grapples, killer combos and side-defense. T6BR doesn’t need to throw away the controversial Bound System and Rage Mode, but let’s see fixes to consistent complaints.

Tag Teams. I am not sure if we’ll ever see Tekken Tag Tournament 2. But why wait when you could add the feature in BR? Bound combos would complement tag team tactics immensely, so it would be a great fit (I know tons of players out there would disagree, of course). Tag team action would also be cool to see how certain characters react to each other- would it be possible to team up Jin and his dad/nemesis, Kazuya? Nina and Anna? Tag team throws and attacks would be awesome as well- something DOA actually did far better than Tekken ever did. Now’s the time to add this in, Namco! Go for it!

New CG Intro. I’m not expecting an overly-long cinematic, but perhaps a new cutscene would be a prelude to the eventual intro movie to the home version of Tekken 6. Any new CG would perhaps explain a bit about the upgrade’s new subtitle. Certainly, Bloodline Rebellion refers to the Mishima bloodline, and the ongoing conflict between the forces of Jin’s Mishima Zaibatsu and Kazuya’s G-Corporation. The many fighters of the roster are divided among these two camps, and hopefully we’ll see cool images and moments of these rivalries in any new cinematics. And perhaps we’ll also see an end in sight to this climactic battle between father and son.

There’s really no shortage of speculation in the coming upgrade, given how gamers have been waiting almost a year, impatiently, for Tekken 6 PS3. I’m hoping against hope that Namco does indeed finally announce something about the console port along with BR. I’ve been waiting so long, Namco. I want my Tekken 6 already!!!

Four days to the AM Show. More info as we get it.


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  1. i so so sos want 2 get tekken 6 bloodline rebillion but on wiki they say its alot of yen and it looks like alot i just whish it was cheaper no 1 would get tekken is da best but they just need 2 b cheaper

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