Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion: New Blood!

Alisa Boskonovitch… the new babe in town?

The new guy is named Lars Alexanderson… well… it could have been worse… he could have been named Owen…

Even more fighters? Or just custom costumes? Man, BR looks to be a very meaty upgrade!

UPDATED! Pics are beginning to slip online showing images from mags or promo materials for the upcoming arcade upgrade, Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. Earlier, SD-Tekken brought word of a new female character named Alisa Boskonovitch, a newcomer perhaps related to Dr. Boskonovitch. But that’s not all, it seems- a pic of another new character- a spikey-haired male apparently named Lars Alexanderson– has appeared, along with a poster showing Alisa, Lars, and what appear to be several other characters! Is Bloodline Rebellion seeing a whole wave of new challengers?

On the black and white poster, judging from the way Alisa and Lars are positioned on each side, the smaller figures on the lower part may simply be old characters in new costumes or customizations, but we’ll have to wait for clearer pics and info to be sure. Man, would it have killed the photographer to use a decent camera?

We’ll keep on this like bees on honey! Man, Tekken 6BR looks like it’s going to be the talk of the fighting game world later this week.


7 Responses to “Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion: New Blood!”

  1. awesome, how come they release an upgrade of Tekken 6 when it’s not even out on the PS3 yet ?? it doesn’t make any sense. You said you played the game a lot, i have a question, is it very different from Tekken 5 DR ? because i’ve seen videos of the game and visually it’s like a bit prettier than Tekken 5, SC4 and Virtua Fighter 5 look a lot better…

  2. They made an upgrade of the Arcade Version of Tekken 6, hopefully they’ll release T6:BR on the PS3. Also visually, Tekken 6 owns Tekken 5 by a mile, you have to play it to appreciate it.

  3. I can answer that: It is very different from DR, visually and in the game play. The bounce systems allows you to make longer combos, and the wall game became even more important

  4. oh ok, i hope you guys are right, can’t wait to play it ! thank you for answering

  5. man.. i really think is playing us arround but they’re doing a good job on making great games but they’re not good on making their fans happy. they’ve released T6 last year and now there’s rumours that it will late till early next year.. this sucks man!!1 what else can they upgrade with t6.. i’ve played it a lota times now and i think this is the right time to release T6.

  6. i know ! wasn’t it supposed to come out in 2006-2007 ? the thing is, they don’t even talk about the game or say when it’s gonna come out, they had the chance to at the E3 or Tokyo game show, like they forgot about it just because ppl can play it on arcades ( and i live in France so i can’t even try it ), so yeah that sucks. I hope it’s not because they want to release an Xbox version that’s why it’s taking them so long, now i would be pissed…

  7. Tolles Grafik hat dieser Infoblog. Woher hast du das Template ? Ist das ein kostenfreies Template oder kann man das irgendwo kaufen?

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