Gaming Bits and Downtime

Sorry I haven’t been able to post much recently- been a bit busy at work, and when I’m not I’m just slashing away the time with Soulcalibur IV, which is still pretty awesome about a month after release. Still nothing much about the aforementioned Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion, but then again, news on that will probably come up later this month as scheduled on Sept. 20.

Nothing else though. Bioshock for the PS3 looks kinda cool, but I’m not exactly counting the hours to get another version of that game. More interesting for me is Fallout 3, which should elicit the same RPG fun that Oblivion gave me years ago.

Also on my list of awaited is Tomb Raider Underworld– Lara is as hot as ever (and her live-action model seems to be the best yet) and the story seems very intriguing. Then there’s the new Prince of Persia, which comes with an all-new hero and heroine-in-tow, as well as a beautiful new art style and dangerous new quest to undertake.

Still, through it all, I just want my Tekken 6 PS3. Or Virtua Fighter 5R for the console. I’ve been good this year, I think, so please Santa, make my gaming Christmas be a winner…


4 Responses to “Gaming Bits and Downtime”

  1. i want Tekken 6 too so bad !!! i bought the PS3 for that game, still no sign of any release soon….

  2. You and me both, dude.

  3. do you think it will come out at the end of 2008 or later ? what are they waiting forrrrr !!

  4. I’m hoping for at least an announcement before or just by the end of 2008, release sometime in early 2009… but that’s just me.

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