Classic Chun Li Fight Scene gets the CASplay Treatment

I don’t recall Chun Li’s apartment looking so… airy.

The Soulcalibur IV Character Creation fun continues with another cool video from Youtube user SoleSurvivor, recreating the awesome and sexy apartment battle between a barely-dressed Chun Li and the sadistic, claw-wielding Vega, from the original Streetfighter II Animated Movie. Man, that fight is, to this day, my favorite anime action scene of all time, and it just hasn’t been matched since (the rest of the movie kinda sucked though…). You just don’t see that in anime anymore, to that quality.

Of course, it’s not totally accurate to the anime original- for starters, while having Chun fight in her bra and panties is beyond hotness, seeing Vega shorn to his tighty-whities is… not. Still, it’s a pretty slick SCIV CAS video, and the use of some scenes from the actual movie is quite clever. Check it out!


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