Eager for the Apocalypse

It’s still about two months away, but I’m pretty pumped for Bethesda Softwares’ Fallout 3 already. It’s no surprise though… I am a big fan of their previous big game- Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion– and this sequel to the popular post-apocalyptic RPG series looks to follow the same mold. You have your deep character creation and customization, a huge and detailed world to explore and interact with, and tons of action and intrigue to get involved in.

You could say F3 could be Oblivion in the far future, save with nuclear power and radiation filling in for magic, mutants for monsters and guns for swords. You communicate with individuals to carry out quests, start fights and so forth, making your mark in the dangerous world. A demo of Fallout 3 was just unveiled at the Pax 2008 gaming event recently, and it looks pretty cool. Right away after exiting your former home (Vault 101), your hero makes his/her way to a town called Megaton which has been built around a still-active nuclear missile.

A big decision and branch in the story appears right away as you are given the choice to destroy the town by detonating the missile or not… of course, this will have a BIG impact on the story. Explode the town and the you’ll get a reward from your mysterious client. Doing so however is plainly a very evil act (which affects your karma, a gameplay factor) and will surely erase a lot of potential storylines (along with the characters who would have given them) from the map. Still, you may want to have a save right before you make that fateful decision so you can play through again to see what the other side yields to you.

Anyway- branching storylines, tons of alternate endings, bloody action and combat and other interesting gameplay quirks are sure to abound in this upcoming mammoth RPG/sci-fi action epic. At the very least, this should be a spiritual successor to Oblivion, and that’s always a great thing. In the meantime, maybe I should break out ESIV again to pass the time to late October…


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