Streetfighter IV in Manila…

So, Capcom’s latest, Streetfighter IV, is out in both Japan and the US. How ’bout here in Manila?

Well, sadly, it seems like we won’t be seeing the 3-D Streetfighters very soon. Apparently a poster over at Pinoy Exchange asked the local arcade chain Time Zone if they were getting the game, and received this reply…

This is in response to the inquiry you sent us through our website. Please note that the price for the Street Fighter 4 game is almost double the Tekken 6’s price which is just unreasonably high. If the price comes down in the future, then we may consider acquiring it. We hope to see you always at any of our stores. Thank you for supporting Timezone. Have a nice day ahead!

Okay, let’s see… WTF? DOUBLE the price of Tekken 6? Well, anyway, I’ll take Tekken 6 over SFIV anyday of the week and double on Saturdays. In any case, the Capcom brawler will indeed be heading over to home consoles sometime next year so having no arcade release is no biggie. We’ll just have to be a little patient… or just double our playtime with Tekken 6. Heh.


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