Where’s Tekken 6 (Again)?

Okay, there’s still no word on when (or even IF) the latest installment of the Iron Fist Tournament is headed for the home- as I previously posted, I’m thinking that they’re holding out on releasing the game to coincide with the release of the live-action movie. I mean, the film will feature the T6 characters (at the very least Miguel) so it’s logical for Namco-Bandai to try to milk it for all its worth. Unfortunately, the movie’s due out in 2009 (hopefully sooner rather than later), so we have a bit of a wait in store.

Then again, there is a slight chance that we may hear something about Tekken 6 this coming Tokyo Game Show 2008. Namco’s going to be there, so… well, we can always hope. More on this as we get it.


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