Akuma’s Back!

The Raging Demon is back to challenge players in SFIV.

Okay, the latest in Streetfighter IV news- the evil Akuma AKA Gouki is back, albeit as an unplayable hidden boss. Supposedly it’s been teased that Akuma, along with Cammy and others, will be bonus characters in the console versions… but arcade-goers need not wait any longer to encounter the infamous Shotokan demon. On the sad side… this is really old news to me. Akuma? Meh. Players are already kicking his ass handily. It’s just… OLD. Man, I have to say nothing is new in SFIV. I just don’t get all this nostalgia thing supposed to be the big thing in SFIV. It’s not nostalgic… it’s just ‘been there’ and ‘done that’. I just wish the console version gets really nice new stuff. Anyway, Akuma’s not playable in the arcade version, but that may change eventually. We’ll have to wait and see.


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