Two Million Caliburs Sold

Hey! According to Kotaku, Soulcalibur IV from Namco-Bandai has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. That’s not just shipped- SOLD- and I guess I can count my own copy as one of that big pile of money that Project Soul’s latest and greatest has made. That’s a whole lot of games. I guess that big hullabaloo with Star Wars characters paid off. Then again, it could have easily been just the incredible graphics and animations, the great fighting action and beloved Soulcalibur cast that moved gamers to part with their moolah. Or it could have been the prospect of all those jiggly CG breasts and endless underwear catfights. We’ll probably never know. But what the heck- Soulcalibur IV is a hit, and I am totally behind it. The title’s quality all the way, and I say, CONTINUE! Project Soul, you did some things wrong but a lot of things right… and I am looking forward to the next game in the series that you say is ‘eternally retold’. For now though… this damn game is going to keep me happy.


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