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Soulcalibur IV Underwear Edition

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, PS3, Soulcalibur IV, Xbox360 on July 24, 2008 by thelonegamer

Hilde without the armor. Mmm…

Okay, it was inevitable. Months ago, some Namco-Bandai programmer was probably working his ass off, rendering the individual scales of a piece of armor for Soulcalibur IV’s character creation/customization feature. Well, he’d be happy to realize that a lot of gamers will be raring more to take OFF everything from the characters (particularly the hot ladies) than put on costumes. Heheh. We’ve found a somewhat kinky gallery of the femme fatales and perky princesses of SCIV, as well as some of the buff, manly men, in nothing but their undies. You’ve got full-figured women, winsome, jailbait waifs and some bronzed man-flesh on display- probably NSFW, so take care.

Will this mean an army of half-naked fighters flooding online? Probably not. Unlike Tekken 6 and VF5, what you wear (or don’t wear) in Soulcalibur IV actually affects gameplay, making you more or less vulnerable, effective or powerful in combat. Going almost totally without clothes or armor probably isn’t a good idea for any but the skilled, particularly in Special Versus modes. However, Standard Versus, which basically turns off all stats and equalizes everyone regardless of customs, that’s another story. Lingerie Match, anyone?

Well, it’s all in good, sexy fun, though certainly this is a guilty pleasure you’d probably share with just your mates and not with some young ‘uns, the folks or easily-scandalized souls. Anyway, check out all the nubile CG flesh here.

Tekken 6 PS3 in December?

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, PS3, Tekken 6 on July 23, 2008 by thelonegamer

Recently, word has been posted on News 4 Gamers as well as sites like Magic-Box and Fighter’s Generation that Tekken 6, which was MIA at last week’s E3, will be coming to Japan in December 2008. However, some probing revealed that the source for this information is from a 3 to 4 month-old interview in a defunct gaming mag, GameEX, from the Philippines, no less (which even claimed that Tekken 6 wouldn’t be a PS3 exclusive, and may come to Xbox360). This probably counts as either stale and inaccurate info or rumor at best. Forums at Tekken Zaibatsu are discounting the news, so I’ll just take this with a lot of salt and take a watch-and-see attitude. A Christmas release wouldn’t be totally illogical (I prefer it to be earlier), so who knows- maybe it might turn out to be true. More on this as we get it. We now return ourselves to our Soulcalibur IV obsession…

Earlybird Soulcalibur IV Reviews…

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, PS3, Soulcalibur IV, Xbox360 on July 23, 2008 by thelonegamer

Reviews are starting to come in- Famitsu of Japan gave Soulcalibur IV a score of 35/40, which is a pretty good score. A site called Megamers gave the game a 9.5/10, citing graphics, value and the customization options as the title’s high marks. A less-than-stellar review comes from GamerDee, a Youtuber who posted some SCIV vids recently (which were subsequently removed). Here’s his review- although it’s all him talking, no game footage of course.

I’ll be doing my own review of the game when I get my hands on it. Like GD, I’m no Soulcalibur expert- I don’t know ANY character by heart but I love the franchise and recognize it as one of the best in this now-small genre. I have to say, I may be a bit biased- I already know I love this game, but how much do I love it will have to wait till I get to play. Later then.

Earlybird Soulcalibur IV Youtube Vids NUKED!

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, PS3, Soulcalibur IV, Xbox360 on July 22, 2008 by thelonegamer

This just in… a copyright claim by the Association for Copyright of Computer Software has just swooped in and taken down most of the posted Soulcalibur IV videos on Youtube. The affected vids include those cam vids shot in Korea, as well as recent videos posted by gamers like GamerDee and Nyawu who got the game early.

This is, of course, not unexpected due to the fact that many of the videos were made from copies of the game that broke street date, several days before the release date of the game. As much as it irks me, this is actually for the best so as not to spoil the game’s meat and biscuits even before we even have the darn disc in our PS3s and Xbox360s. I already got one ending and most of the Critical Finishers spoiled already… which I kinda regret on one hand, but what can you do? Well, at least now, like it or not, we have stuff to look forward to at the end of the month. Instead of feeding on dole-outs from a few lucky guys who just happened to get the game early.

Once the game is officially released, there won’t be any more persecution of SCIV media on the ‘Tube- that would be pretty stupid otherwise. Till then… I’m glad I downloaded most of those vids. Heheh…

Soulcalibur IV: Walk-in Closets for Wardrobes Included

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, PS3, Soulcalibur IV, Xbox360 on July 19, 2008 by thelonegamer

Okay, I’ll fix up this post with updated info on Soulcalibur IV’s CAS and Character Edits, gleaned from forums where some lucky early-players are posting stuff about the CAS and Character Customization.

For Main Character Customization (Established Characters), you cannot change their features or base body- you can however edit their look as you please; hairstyle, hair color and clothing from head to toe. You start with a base of the two default (P1 and P2) outfits and save your edit in a new save slot.
CORRECTION: It was an error before when we posted that you have 50 slots per character for Edits. It’s actually 50 slots for the whole game for Main Character Edits. That means if you make 50 different Ivy edits, you have no more room for any other Edits. CAS characters however have their own slots (another 50?).
You can also use available character armor/clothing pieces for ANY OTHER CHARACTER OF THE SAME GENDER. P1 outfit pieces however are apparently not available for use, so no Ivy thongs…

Character Creation is where you can go wild and you start from scratch- facial features, body build, costume and moveset are yours to set. No more CAS classes from SCIII though; you basically have to work with the movesets of the available characters.

Vader (and Yoda) can’t be edited or customized, but Bonus Characters (the mangaka-created babes) can, though.

Man, I can’t wait to get this game…

Soulcalibur IV PS3 Intro

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, PS3, Soulcalibur IV on July 19, 2008 by thelonegamer

Okay, it should be pretty common knowledge now that quite a few lucky bastards already have the final, retail version of the game, thanks to apparently some stores breaking the release date about ten days early. On the plus side, it means that videos will soon be spilling onto the net. On the minus, these will probably full of incompetent play. Hahaha. Anyway, the Intro movie to Soulcalibur IV has already been posted on Youtube– it’s from the PS3 version, made obvious by the presence of the Sith Lord himself.

What can I say? It’s not bad. It doesn’t reveal much of the storm of plotlines revolving around Osthreinsburg Castle, but it shows us the bare essentials adequately.

But compared to the intros of Soul Edge (PSX) and Soul Calibur III… it sucks. Too few characters shown, too much Vader, not enough drama, bland music… I could go on and on. But if Project Soul invested all their time in making the actual gameplay, modes and in-game stuff perfect at the cost of making a good intro, I won’t make a fuss. Anyway… check it out.

Soulcalibur IV: Alter Egos

Posted in Fighting Games, Gaming, PS3, Soulcalibur IV, Xbox360 on July 18, 2008 by thelonegamer

Famitsu of Japan just posted an article online with pics of many of the main characters in Soulcalibur IV wearing their ‘P2’ outfits. From what I’ve seen, the costumes, at least for the female characters, tend to be more flashy and ornate rather than blatant showings of skin. Ivy’s P2 is a more conservative black outfit with slick flared boots and a short hairstyle with long bangs, while Sophitia’s is an armored outfit that makes her look like Lenneth the Valkyrie. All around, cool outfits!

From the screens of the main character customization released earlier, I can deduce that the characters will most likely keep their P1 and P2 costumes as default, but allowing players to clothe their favorite fighters head to toe and compose their own ensembles as they wish then saving them in alloted slots. You’ll be able to use only the default P1 and P2 outfits in regular online play, while custom characters and edited main fighters will compete in their own ‘special’ VS online mode.

So far, still awesome! The game’s still about ten days away… but we’re getting there. Getting there!

Check out the P2 costume pics here.