Escape from Exile: Several Months Later…

Some time ago, I posted about Warriors of Elysia, the sequel to the campy PC all-female FMV fighter, Bikini Karate Babes. Well, it’s been quite a while since that post, and the game STILL hasn’t come out. If I didn’t know better, I’d scream VAPORWARE but there apparently is still some life in this upcoming brawler. But the creators aren’t making it easy. For one thing, the game has been continually delayed and, from the way the producers, Creative Edge Studios, has been pretty much selling everything not tied down (from ‘the privilege’ of appearing in the credits to the babes’ bikinis) to raise funds, things aren’t running so smoothly. But apparently it is still running, albeit not efficiently.

I also posted about Warriors of Elysia: Escape from Exile, a live-action DVD with 50-minutes of material, behind-the-scenes and action that sets up the upcoming game… well, I ordered the disc, but as of this writing have NOT received my order. Either Creative Edge used crappy mail and my order got lost along the way or it’s still crawling on the way to me, on the back of a pack mule somewhere along the Silk Road.

Well anyway, at least I know the darn DVD exists- I went through another route and my copy has been received and earmarked for immediate FedEx-ing to me. Maybe then I’ll be able to give a full review of the thing.

That all said, I have to still give a little bit of credit to Elysia’s creators- they’re sticking to their guns and still chugging away… but damn, they should get their act together. I want my damn bikini-clad brawler already.

To be honest though, I’m pretty happy with Soulcalibur IV for both my fighting game AND bikini girl battle needs… heheh…

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