Ten Things I’ve So Far Found Out in Soulcalibur IV

Been playing Soulcalibur IV a lot since I got it last Saturday- not as much as I’d want, but still quite a bit. Still working on the review, but here are some things I’d like to share as of now.

No more Character Classes from Soul Calibur III, which is kinda disappointing. I will miss my Dancer Army…

Joke weapons are back and they’re as hilarious as ever.

Darth Vader is cool-looking but damn- he’s boring. He’s slow and his moves aren’t impressive. But at least his trademark over-the-head throw is pretty much a guaranteed Ring Out if you do it near the edge with your back to the wall. Man, Darth Maul would have been so cool in this game in place of Vader. But then, that’s what The Apprentice is for, I guess. Forget the reason why Darth is in the Caliburverse- I want to know why his student is so much more powerful and bad-ass than him…

Story Mode is a lot shorter, but contains Tag Play ala DOA or Tekken Tag, and battles against multiple opponents (one by one though). There are surprises for those who are into Soulcalibur lore. The endings are short, but really nicely animated and made (in realtime), and are for the most part meaningful and satisfying, and actually give a bit of closure to many of the characters. Some, unfortunately, suck. Like the Star Wars characters’.

CAS (Character Creation) is AWESOME with tons of options for almost unlimited character creation variants, and the HD graphics make sure your CAS looks as slick as the main fighters.

Main character customization now lets you fool around with the established fighters’ wardrobes. You can’t change much from the default P1 outfits, but everything else is yours to fool around with. Lingerie fights, anyone?

SCIV marks the return of a customizable Intro! Not as cool as making Astoroth frolick in a field of flowers, but still cool.

So far my favorite endings in Story Mode are Sophitia’s (touching), Setsuka (bad-ass and sexy) and Ivy’s (nice resolution). Man, I’m a such a softie.

Algol is a bad-ass boss, but he isn’t necessarily bad…

The Bonus mangaka-created characters are just glorified CAS skins with unique parts/outfits. Sadly, like the Star Wars characters you can’t edit or customize them in any way. BAH.

Overall though, I am having a BLAST with SCIV. It definitely is one of the best-looking games on PS3 so far, and is right up there with the graphical prowess of current fighters like Tekken 6 and VF5. Gameplay is fast, fun and addictive. Gonna play this one a lot as I wait for Namco to bring out the Iron Fist Tournament sequel later this year. Review to come soon!


One Response to “Ten Things I’ve So Far Found Out in Soulcalibur IV”

  1. Blackmane Says:

    Hi, I definitely agree on what you said about Vader, A saber throw move would have been really cool but nooo~ He’s stuck with a slow two to three slash combo.  Although I think his moves are more focused on damage than style. or maybe because he’s old hahahahahaI don’t have a PS3 as of now but I’m playing with a friend . I Haven’t played the 360 version yet, but I hope Yoda would rock. And yeah The Apprentice (whatever his name is) is way more cooler
    oh and I would like to say that the site looks great.



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