Streetfighter IV Console Additions Hinted at SDCC

This year’s San Diego Comic Convention had a pretty considerable bit dedicated to Streetfighter IV, with producer Yoshinori Ono hinting heavily at a couple of new characters who may be headed into the console versions. In a recent poll held by Capcom, apparently the most popular-requested characters are Cammy and Akuma. And it seems indeed that the amnesiac Brit babe may be destined for SFIV, if only for the fact that she appears prominently in a new anime cutscene premiered at the SDCC. The cinematic, showing Cammy, Chun Li and Guile as well as their motivations for entering Streetfighter IV, will be among others to be included with the home versions of SFIV. Also being teased heavily is the inclusion of Gouken, Ken and Ryu’s master, as a playable character.

I’m hoping that not only Cammy and Akuma but more characters will make it into SFIV… I still think the roster’s pretty thin in these days. We’ll just have to see. In any case, the game looks slick and should prove to be a fighting game to look out for early next year. The game is already out in Japan arcades.


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