Soulcalibur IV Underwear Edition

Hilde without the armor. Mmm…

Okay, it was inevitable. Months ago, some Namco-Bandai programmer was probably working his ass off, rendering the individual scales of a piece of armor for Soulcalibur IV’s character creation/customization feature. Well, he’d be happy to realize that a lot of gamers will be raring more to take OFF everything from the characters (particularly the hot ladies) than put on costumes. Heheh. We’ve found a somewhat kinky gallery of the femme fatales and perky princesses of SCIV, as well as some of the buff, manly men, in nothing but their undies. You’ve got full-figured women, winsome, jailbait waifs and some bronzed man-flesh on display- probably NSFW, so take care.

Will this mean an army of half-naked fighters flooding online? Probably not. Unlike Tekken 6 and VF5, what you wear (or don’t wear) in Soulcalibur IV actually affects gameplay, making you more or less vulnerable, effective or powerful in combat. Going almost totally without clothes or armor probably isn’t a good idea for any but the skilled, particularly in Special Versus modes. However, Standard Versus, which basically turns off all stats and equalizes everyone regardless of customs, that’s another story. Lingerie Match, anyone?

Well, it’s all in good, sexy fun, though certainly this is a guilty pleasure you’d probably share with just your mates and not with some young ‘uns, the folks or easily-scandalized souls. Anyway, check out all the nubile CG flesh here.


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