Tekken 6 PS3 in December?

Recently, word has been posted on News 4 Gamers as well as sites like Magic-Box and Fighter’s Generation that Tekken 6, which was MIA at last week’s E3, will be coming to Japan in December 2008. However, some probing revealed that the source for this information is from a 3 to 4 month-old interview in a defunct gaming mag, GameEX, from the Philippines, no less (which even claimed that Tekken 6 wouldn’t be a PS3 exclusive, and may come to Xbox360). This probably counts as either stale and inaccurate info or rumor at best. Forums at Tekken Zaibatsu are discounting the news, so I’ll just take this with a lot of salt and take a watch-and-see attitude. A Christmas release wouldn’t be totally illogical (I prefer it to be earlier), so who knows- maybe it might turn out to be true. More on this as we get it. We now return ourselves to our Soulcalibur IV obsession…


One Response to “Tekken 6 PS3 in December?”

  1. Fuck I need Tekken

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