Earlybird Soulcalibur IV Reviews…

Reviews are starting to come in- Famitsu of Japan gave Soulcalibur IV a score of 35/40, which is a pretty good score. A site called Megamers gave the game a 9.5/10, citing graphics, value and the customization options as the title’s high marks. A less-than-stellar review comes from GamerDee, a Youtuber who posted some SCIV vids recently (which were subsequently removed). Here’s his review- although it’s all him talking, no game footage of course.

I’ll be doing my own review of the game when I get my hands on it. Like GD, I’m no Soulcalibur expert- I don’t know ANY character by heart but I love the franchise and recognize it as one of the best in this now-small genre. I have to say, I may be a bit biased- I already know I love this game, but how much do I love it will have to wait till I get to play. Later then.


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