Earlybird Soulcalibur IV Youtube Vids NUKED!

This just in… a copyright claim by the Association for Copyright of Computer Software has just swooped in and taken down most of the posted Soulcalibur IV videos on Youtube. The affected vids include those cam vids shot in Korea, as well as recent videos posted by gamers like GamerDee and Nyawu who got the game early.

This is, of course, not unexpected due to the fact that many of the videos were made from copies of the game that broke street date, several days before the release date of the game. As much as it irks me, this is actually for the best so as not to spoil the game’s meat and biscuits even before we even have the darn disc in our PS3s and Xbox360s. I already got one ending and most of the Critical Finishers spoiled already… which I kinda regret on one hand, but what can you do? Well, at least now, like it or not, we have stuff to look forward to at the end of the month. Instead of feeding on dole-outs from a few lucky guys who just happened to get the game early.

Once the game is officially released, there won’t be any more persecution of SCIV media on the ‘Tube- that would be pretty stupid otherwise. Till then… I’m glad I downloaded most of those vids. Heheh…


One Response to “Earlybird Soulcalibur IV Youtube Vids NUKED!”

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