Soulcalibur IV: Walk-in Closets for Wardrobes Included

Okay, I’ll fix up this post with updated info on Soulcalibur IV’s CAS and Character Edits, gleaned from forums where some lucky early-players are posting stuff about the CAS and Character Customization.

For Main Character Customization (Established Characters), you cannot change their features or base body- you can however edit their look as you please; hairstyle, hair color and clothing from head to toe. You start with a base of the two default (P1 and P2) outfits and save your edit in a new save slot.
CORRECTION: It was an error before when we posted that you have 50 slots per character for Edits. It’s actually 50 slots for the whole game for Main Character Edits. That means if you make 50 different Ivy edits, you have no more room for any other Edits. CAS characters however have their own slots (another 50?).
You can also use available character armor/clothing pieces for ANY OTHER CHARACTER OF THE SAME GENDER. P1 outfit pieces however are apparently not available for use, so no Ivy thongs…

Character Creation is where you can go wild and you start from scratch- facial features, body build, costume and moveset are yours to set. No more CAS classes from SCIII though; you basically have to work with the movesets of the available characters.

Vader (and Yoda) can’t be edited or customized, but Bonus Characters (the mangaka-created babes) can, though.

Man, I can’t wait to get this game…


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