Soulcalibur IV: Alter Egos

Famitsu of Japan just posted an article online with pics of many of the main characters in Soulcalibur IV wearing their ‘P2’ outfits. From what I’ve seen, the costumes, at least for the female characters, tend to be more flashy and ornate rather than blatant showings of skin. Ivy’s P2 is a more conservative black outfit with slick flared boots and a short hairstyle with long bangs, while Sophitia’s is an armored outfit that makes her look like Lenneth the Valkyrie. All around, cool outfits!

From the screens of the main character customization released earlier, I can deduce that the characters will most likely keep their P1 and P2 costumes as default, but allowing players to clothe their favorite fighters head to toe and compose their own ensembles as they wish then saving them in alloted slots. You’ll be able to use only the default P1 and P2 outfits in regular online play, while custom characters and edited main fighters will compete in their own ‘special’ VS online mode.

So far, still awesome! The game’s still about ten days away… but we’re getting there. Getting there!

Check out the P2 costume pics here.


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