Soulcalibur IV E3 Videos

The vampiric Raphael takes on Hilde in a cool, close battle.

Five cool Soulcalibur IV vids made their way online recently. They’re actually more complete versions of a video montage that was posted weeks ago, but no matter- the action is pretty good, much better than most other SCIV vids so far seen. Better yet, NO FREAKIN’ COMMENTARY! Yep, you can hear the epic music, the characters’ voices and all the clanging of deadly steel (and lightsaber). What can I say? Tira looks a lot more interesting and cool. Hilde’s as deadly as ever. Raphael’s teleport move is pretty slick. Maxi’s seems even quicker and deadlier than before, and Ivy is… Ivy is freaking hot. Check out all five vids on SoulCaliburPoland’s Youtube page or even better, download the hi-res FLV videos here.


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