Beastly Soulcalibur IV Pics

Kamikirimusi may be beastly… but she’s still a babe!

IGN just posted a pack of hi-res Soulcalibur IV screenshots and images, notably featuring the latest bonus character Kamikirimusi. This red-haired oni-like warrior is supposedly the last remaining member of a powerful demon tribe which is connected in some way to Soul Edge. I have to say, for a beast-like female with a horn growing off a side of her head and a dire need of a good pedicure- she looks gorgeous. The graphics on the character models are certainly a sight to see in this game! I’m hoping the various pieces of this particular character- like her cool bandage-wraps and short kimono- are available for use in the CAS mode. I certainly want to create characters in the same mold as this feral fighter, with a bit less on the beast and more of the babe though.

Check out IGN’s pics here.


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