More Soulcalibur IV Screens, Videos!

I guess the flow of Soulcalibur IV goodness has officially begun. First it was Jeuxvideos, and now Gamekult has joined the fray with a large bunch of screenshots and five gameplay videos. The fighters shown thankfully do NOT include Siegfried and Mitsurugi, but show off other competitors like Cervantes, Cassandra, Maxi, Kilik, Ivy, Zasalamel, Setsuka and Amy, and even a little bit of guest characters Angol Fear and Shura. The vids show quite a bit of decent action, while the screens often show off some of the characters’ 2P or alternate costumes, some of which are pretty cool (like Setsuka’s blue western-style dress… the ballerina slippers are kinda off though).

I have to say though that I am AMAZED at the detail and quality of the character models and graphics in the game, from the screenshots. These are taken from actual gameplay, from a near-finished build of the game… these aren’t ‘artsy’ shots prepared by Namco or PR images. This is the game itself, and what can I say… it’s positively gorgeous. Easily on the same level of visual impact as with other Next-Gen fighters like Tekken 6 and VF5.

Man, it just makes me realize how we’ve all been so starved of content for this game for the past few months. Now, with the release of the actual game just days away, we’re now seeing that we’ve just touched the tip of the Soulcalibur IV iceberg- this game has a lot of stuff to offer and show us, and I can’t wait to take a dive.

Check out Gamekult’s Soulcalibur IV coverage here.


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