E3 Madness!

WHOA! It’s just the first day of E3 2008 and some pretty momentous stuff has already happened. Trailers aplenty, videos galore and games to come that will set any red-blooded gamer’s mouth a-watering.

Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox360. MAN! This is a shocker. I guess Square finally decided that exclusivity isn’t that big a deal anymore, what with the need to sell more important than ever before. It’s really just a matter of numbers, really- there are a lot of Xbox360s out there, and a lot of them will play Final Fantasy just as ready as Halo. Still, I’ll go for the PS3 version anyday. Red Rings of Death still irk me.
As for the FFXIII trailer itself- neat, with some nice art and animation which we’ve all come to expect from Square. Lots of pouty and pretty heroines and heroes, lots of neat, artistic flying machines and aircraft, lots of guns and Matrixy action and the odd Summon (Shiva’s hot, pun intended) thrown in. No idea what the story is, still, but what the heck. It’s Final Fantasy XIII, for cripe’s sake! Still, I don’t expect this anytime soon. Mid to late 2009? 2010? Sigh.

Resident Evil 5 Dual Coop Gameplay? Seems like that’s what the hot, action-packed E3 trailer is pointing to. More of the new babe Sheva Alomar, tons of gory death at the hands of some creepy monstrous enemies and gobs of tissue-tearing firepower. Seems like RE5 won’t be going too far away from it’s predecessor, RE4, with all the big monsters and general grotesquery shambling about. But darn- the zombie bikers got me. This is gonna be a ride.

Fallout 3. If this game is simply Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion set thousands of years in the future, I’d still buy it. The boys at Bethesda are out to create a new world, ruin it in a nuclear apocalypse and throw us all in there lock, stock and barrel. And we’re gonna thank ’em for it. The retro-trappings give it a Bioshock-ish feel, which is cool, and the stuff you can do (it was mostly action shown though) has me rubbing my hands in anticipation. Want this. Want this!

Prince of Persia 2008. We’ve got a new prince with a new hottie at his side, a new world being corrupted and a dark, new storyline to follow, and it looks pretty interesting. The art style is gorgeous as well, making this one title to watch out for. November 2008 then…

Lots more to come! Man, it’s just the beginning. No sign of any Tekken 6 yet, but I’m still crossing my fingers. More news as I get it.


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