New Soulcalibur IV Videos!

Viva de Liberty! Jeuxvideos France has just uploaded four Soulcalibur IV videos for all of us fans to salivate at! The French have the finished game, apparently, and ‘Dark Vador’ aside, it’s the game we’re all waiting for. Check ’em out!

You can go to Jeuxvideos’ SCIV video page here or see the vids on Youtube as posted by SoulcaliburPoland.

Siegfried vs Dark Vador. Pretty incompetent play, with someone jamming far too much on the Guard button like he drank too much coffee. Still, it’s neat to see Siegfried’s shoulderplates get sheared off and stay on the stage for the rest of the match. Really irritating that you can’t hear Vader’s voice at all from the darn commentators’ babble…

Talim vs Maxi. Once again, weak skills but it’s nice to see the smooth animations and at least, fighters other than Siegfried in action! Maxi’s and Talim’s style seem similar, if only they both swing sticks at each other…The Star Destroyer stage is awesome but just… wrong.

Create-a-Soul. We see a CAS warrior woman being composed. The text is in French, so it’s not always easy to find out what the options are- but you know there are a LOT of stuff to tinker with. Awesome stuff.

Mitsurugi’s Story Mode. Perhaps the meatiest of the four videos, this has Mitsurugi taking on four opponents in a row which includes 3 CAS fighters (including a hot Amazon babe) and Taki. All the CAS are based on existing characters, which may be another nail in the coffin of SCIII’s Character Classes. The CAS put up a bit of a fight, though Taki’s AI is disappointingly brain-dead. Still, pretty awesome. I wish they included a cut scene or two…

Soulcalibur IV still looks like THE game. DAMN!!! Nine days to go… More on this as we get it.


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