Soulcalibur IV: Tons o’ Screens!

With the more detailed, deeper CAS mode, you too can create your own chic-haired, spectacle-wearing, bikini-clad warrior babe.

Okay, forget all those usual game sites for Soulcalibur IV updates- they ain’t worth CRAP. Where it’s at is in dedicated forums to the game, such as in GameFAQs and other SCIV-centric sites. That’s where all the up-to-date info and news gets into first.

And in FRANCE, as well! Apparently Jeuxvideo France has gotten themselves the final, French copy of the game, and has posted gobs and gobs of cool screens from the game, including various CAS characters in gameplay, various fighters including Talim, Siegfried, Darth Vader (in French, he’s known as Dark Vador) and Algol (who IS playable) in action, some screens from the Character Creation (lovely details and options!) and Tower of Souls modes, and quite a few surprises and familiar faces (still no Li Long or Hwang though).

Nameless Warrior Woman gets one over on the Sith Lord, Dark Vador…

Check out all the screenshot goodness here. Man, I want this game YESTERDAY!!!


One Response to “Soulcalibur IV: Tons o’ Screens!”

  1. With this improved CAF mode, Soul Calibur may become my favorite wepons fighter series. As of right now, Samurai Shodown is king still.

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