MK vs DC vs ME

Okay, I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m a fighting game fan- heck, pretty much 90 percent of what I blog about is fighting games, and perhaps an equal amount of that blogging is on Japanese-made fighters. Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Soulcalibur, Streetfighter… hey, what can I say? The Japanese perfected many of the world’s martial arts styles, they have a great way of organizing systems and making things work- and their fighting games rock. The action and animation is awesome but more than that, the playability of games is second to none. Though they all have different styles, the above-mentioned titles- Tekken, VF and SC, Streetfighter- their gameplay is fluid, fast and given to long hours of play, perfecting skills which result in beautiful, satisfying battles that rival any fight scene in martial arts movies, action flicks or anime. Yeah, I’m a Japanese fighting game fan.

Which is probably something you can take into account as to why I rant so much about Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe. But wait, I actually liked Mortal Kombat back then- when it was still MKII. Since then though, the series has gone down. Making the leap to 3D didn’t change the pace of the combat- it’s klunky, ponderous and given to just dialing in canned combos. The pace makes MK the turn-based RPG of fighters, and it’s pretty irksome to me. I hate the A.I., hate the animations of the silly attacks and I hate the fact that the producers think that gamers are blood-thirsty goons who love seeing guts and people getting bloodied. I like fighting games as a way of showing off cool martial arts and beautiful moves- not because I love seeing people get smashed to a pulp. Seriously.

But that’s not all. I find the idea of MK vs DC iffy, at best. The DC heroes are iconic personages, and you have them here getting slapped around by the MK thugs. They’re totally not on the same level, and this all just screams FORCE-FITTED to me. Yeah, any writer worth his pen can write a story or explanation of how Superman can get his face caved in by some martial artist- the question is SHOULD YOU? Pah. It’s just… silly. As silly as that scene in the first Spiderman flick, where the Green Goblin slaps Spidey on the back of the head. It’s. Just. Stupid.

That said, I can’t really say all bad about MK vs DC. For one thing, it looks very pretty, judging from the latest trailer. The character models certainly look Next-Gen, although the latest trailer also still features the slow pace of combat. It’s STILL Ed Boon at the helm, and you don’t change your spots (which is, to me, a possibility that there will someday be a good DOA game again since Itagaki is gone from Tecmo).

I don’t have any hopes for MK vs DC, but I’d love to be proven wrong. I always love a good fighter. But color me hostile, for now.


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