Light or Dark Side?

One thing that I have to decide on with Soulcalibur IV is… do I get the PS3 or Xbox360 version?

Both versions should be cool and have the same level of graphical glam and audio punch, down to pixel supposedly. All the characters and options are identical save for the Star Wars guest character. Yeah, even though I can care less about the cameos, it’s still something to consider. It’s in this regard that I readily say that the PS3 got the better end of the bargain. On ANY day and twice on weekends, sinister and imposing Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, will ALWAYS be cooler and a better character than Yoda. He’s impressive, got a cool, unique style, great voice and quotes and he has a standard shape and size.

Yoda, on the other hand, has a built-in ‘Gon’ size property which is both a boon and a bane. He’s freaking small, so horizontal attacks will usually miss him, but that same small size ensures he needs to be always in-close to get his own licks in. Yeah, Yoda kicked all types of arse in the two Star Wars prequels, so he’s still got cool points… but Vader stilll rules. If you’re going to imitate a saying, it’s going to be “I FIND YOUR LACK OF SKILL… DISTURBING…” instead of “Weak in The Force, You are.”

Another thing… the controls.

The PS3 has a big advantage generally in fighting games- the PS3 controller is far suited to beat ’em ups instead of the Xbox360 controller with its wonky d-pad. Even better, in my case, I have a Hori Real Arcade Stick Pro 3 which I originally bought for Virtua Fighter 5 just waiting for SCIV.

Then there’s the online. Online Play in Xbox360 requires a gold account. On PS3 it’s FREE. FREEEEE. And it ain’t bad at all. Yeah, getting a PSN account isn’t the easiest thing to do, but once you’re in, it’s nifty. Even though I don’t play online much, that one word is king. FREEEEEE.

So there… I have to admit, my allegiance is firmly in the PS3 version. I’ve already pre-ordered mine, of course, and expect it by late next, next week.

But would I even entertain a possibility of getting the Xbox version? Probably not, unless there are extra stuff I can get on Xbox360 that are too uber-cool to miss and unique to the system. Until that happens, I’ll be doing all my soul-burning on the PS3.

We’ll just have to see what happens though. For now, my stick (arcade stick), is wagging in anticipation. Man, that sounded wrong.


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