Soulcalibur IV’s Awesome Boss!

His name is Algol. Remember it!

Jeuxvideo France just posted an article about Algol, Soulcalibur IV‘s fearsome, mysterious and supposedly overpowered End Boss. A king of some ancient civilization, Algol just may be the original wielder, or maybe even creator, of Soul Edge itself. Here’s a translated snippet from the article about this Big Bad…

The star of fighting games with weapons, Soul Calibur IV, which come out the 31st of July on PS3 and 360. While we wait, we propose that you discover these exclusive first images of Algol, the new fighter created by Hideo Yoshie. The latter explains that his objective was to create a character, a king of an ancient civilization, who wears armor reminiscent of the body of a bird, this option was taken after long hesitating between a lion, a cobra and a dinosaur. Hideo Yoshie added that “the design of Algol combined dynamism and splendour, and he is very cool.”

The creator of this new character adds that Algol carries within him, in his right hand illuminated by red, Soul Edge, and in his left hand illuminated by blue, Soul Calibur. What’s more, Algol also carries a dozen different weapons, these later adding to a few never before seen moves like the possibility to fly in the air or to remain seated on his throne.

So apparently Algol won’t just be floating around on his throne, throwing fireballs… he’ll also be wading into the opposition with a dual-wield combo of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur- I’m thinking after the penultimate duel between Siegfried and Nightmare, this guy will pop in, claim both swords and then get ready to kick the player’s ripe arse. Add to that an apparent internal arsenal of various weapons and attacks and you’ve got one monstrously powerful and dangerous individual.

Me, I love the design. He looks bad-ass (evil eyes always look bad-ass) and extremely powerful, so fights with him should be EPIC. I also like the fact that he is a man, or human, or human-like in appearance… too many of the past Soul Calibur bosses have been demons or monsters that I just didn’t ‘get’. Algol feels like he’s had a history, and his back-story should be suitably linked to the two swords of power to make him an icon of the storyline.

Of course, if you want to kick his butt easily, you can always bring down the difficulty level, but where’s the fun in that? The big question though will be- can he be playable? Probably only after a while, and never in online fights, I should think. Anyway, I think we’re going to have our hands full with this guy. Which is just how I like it.

To check out more exclusive screens, images and art of Algol, check out Jeuxvideo’s page here.

To put into perspective how powerful Algol is, that’s Astoroth he’s dangling like a little fish off his blades… Yikes!


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