Soulcalibur IV Tidbit of the Day: CAS Weapon Styles

I picked up this small but interesting snippet on the CAS (Create-a-Soul) System in Soulcalibur IV from a Soul Calibur Forum. I’ve been wondering all this time about how they’re handling giving out weapon styles and move sets to characters, since from all indications the Character Classes (Dancer, Samurai, Iron Sword, Pirate, etc.) from Soul Calibur III are gone in SCIV. Well, here’s the apparent answer.
Apparently, when you create a CAS character, you choose from the available weapon styles of the main roster (Mitsurugi, Xianghua, Yun Seoung, etc). But that doesn’t mean you only create different skins of the existing characters- supposedly more weapon styles can be unlocked by ‘leveling up’ your fighters, or through gameplay, so there will indeed be variations and the capability to create a unique character as opposed to just an old fighter in a different costume/gender. As yet though, Namco hasn’t show how different these unlockable weapon styles are from the base character move sets- I’m thinking some of the character classes in SCIII have been set under the existing character move sets as sub or alternate styles, like placing the Samurai move sets under Mitsurugi, the Assassin Moveset under Setsuka or Tira, etc.

In the end, I’m pretty sure SCIV’s CAS is far better, deeper and more engaging than that of the previous game, so we should be having a heck of a fun time creating our armies of new Souls for combat. Still dreaming of my Samurai Babe Army reborn, I am.

13 days to go, damn it. 13 days to go.


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