Soulcalibur IV: The Saga Continues

Okay, yet another day has passed. Less than two weeks to go. As a way of passing the time, I found a nice thread in the Soulcalibur Universe Forums that has biographies of many of the characters. Apparently, one of the members there is pretty handy at translation and has been working on the information on the Japanese SC site. The stories are pretty cool, though at times hard to figure out. Still, one can piece together what’s the general storyline in SCIV.

Apparently in the last game, Soulcalibur and Soul Edge fought, wielded by Siegfried and Nightmare respectively, in the Lost Cathedral. The clash of the two swords caused a great explosion, of which the ninja Taki only barely escaped with her life. But she knew it wasn’t over- both swords still existed, as did their vessels, and both were dangerous to the world.

Soulcalibur IV sees Soul Edge and Nightmare AKA The Azure Knight, settling in the castle of Oshtreinsburg (sp?). There, they await the coming of their nemesis, Soulcalibur and Siegfried. Tira, the servant of the evil sword, sends out her watchers- her ravens- and gathers at the castle all of those warriors and souls useful to Soul Edge as allies and guardians. These include Astoroth the golem, the foul Lizardmen and Voldo, the blind, mute servant of Vercci. Then there’s Raphael, the vampiric swordsman seeking to create a dark world for his beloved Amy (who is also being called). Other warriors also come to claim Soul Edge, either to destroy it, like Ivy, Taki, Xianghua, Sophitia and Cassandra, Talim and Kilik. Others just care for the call of battle, like Mitsurugi. Others seek it’s power for their own arcane purposes (Zasalamel). Many more come for their own agendas, seeking their own endings.
Meanwhile, outside the walls of Oshtreinsburg, the armies of the Wolfkrone kingdom prepare to lay siege on the evil inside, led by a formidable princess and knight, Hildegard. Who will be left standing at the end? What lies in wait as Siegfried and Soulcalibur march into Soul Edge’s waiting trap?

DAMN this is gonna be good. Soulcalibur IV hits late July on PS3 and Xbox360.


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