Attack of the Clones

Okay, I’ve been looking over the many forums of Soulcalibur IV, and I’ve been seeing a trend with all these nice gamers going ape-shit over how all these guest female characters are being introduced who don’t seem to belong or fit into the SC universe (and the Jedi do, apparently… heheh). Let’s get a bit of perspective on this.

First of all, the guest characters- Scheherazade, Ashlotte, Shura, Angol Fear and now, Kamakirimusi, are all designed by manga artists in Japan. As mentioned by 1UP, these characters do not have their own unique moves but are actually skins of existing fighters. So, if that’s the case, why even have them at all?
My take is, it’s all a way of showing off the CAS or Character Creation Mode– a flashy manner of showing the great variety or endless possibilities for creating your own fighter, shown by Japan’s artists. They’re not canon characters really, even though there has been some storyline to them (Shura, for example, is a rival to Ivy, while Ashlotte is a killer-robot sent to take out Astoroth). Don’t like them, people? Well, then create your own CAS and show the manga-ka how it’s done.

I really think I’m going to have fun with SCIV’s CAS. From all indications, it looks awesome, though I am kinda perplexed so far by the apparent omission of the Character Classes from SCIII… are we only going to have the existing characters’ move lists to play with? That just can’t be right. Hopefully more will be revealed soon.

So, till the next femme fatale guest character is revealed then! Later…


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