Soulcalibur IV: One More Guest Character!

Introducing… Kamikirimusi!

Kama-whatsis?! Kamikirimusi (pronounced ‘Kamikirimu-shi’) is the latest guest character in Soulcalibur IV, this time from the pen of Hirokazu Hisayuki, the manga-ka who created Mai HIME series. Supposedly the last surviving member of a sort of demon tribe connected to Soul Calibur/Edge, she looks like she can dish out a lot of punishment with that huge tetsubo (spiked iron club) of hers.

To be honest, I like her design- I like it a lot, though I could do without the black, claw-like fingernails and toenails. It’s certainly a lot more in line with Soul Calibur so far more than the really weird Angol Fear design, even if the anime-style art is just as jarring (her in-game model though looks awesome). It’s got a little bit of Yu Yu Hakusho, a lot of Inu Yasha and an offbeat Yojimbo vibe which sets it apart from the other guest females. I love the pieces that make up her costume, and I hope that the parts, like the bandaged hands and feet make it into the Character Creation mode.
As with the other guest characters, Kami is probably just a glorified skin, and has the same moves as an existing fighter- in her case, it seems to be Siegfried (well, that’s unusual, at least) judging from the screenshots.

Anyway, with about three weeks still leading up to the release of SCIV, I’m not quite certain that Kami is the last guest character to be revealed. Five is a nice number but why would Namco stop there? I’m actually thinking there are at least as many of these guest characters as there are regular fighters. Who knows… maybe a couple more surprises are in store before we finally get this hotly-anticipated slash ’em up on our consoles. More on this as we get it.


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