The Finer Points of Soulcalibur IV

The Soulcalibur IV blog on IGN has just been updated with an entry about the game’s cutscenes and story mode.

In the past, realistic textures and lighting were only do-able through pre-rendered cutscenes. With the current generation of systems, we can now depict in-game textures in full detail. It also means that footage is free of any degradation. Our thought of wanting to provide the degradation-free footage to the HDTV audiences, led us decide to create the real-time cutscenes.

Well, aside from being hi-res, realtime cutscenes will allow character costumes and customizations to be carried over from gameplay into these storytelling parts, which should be awesome (and hilarious depending on the costume). I’m totally for realtime cinematics, and game graphics have progressed to the point where pre-rendered CG has been equalled already by realtime stuff. Interesting! Hopefully SCIV’s story mode will be even more interesting and dramatic as previous games.

You can check out the blog entry here.


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