Soulcalibur IV Manga Manual

Cute but informative!

The Japanese LOVE manga (that means comics to any heathens out there)… so much so that they use them for everything from entertainment to teaching stuff like politics and plumbing. So it’s no surprise that there’s a cute little Soulcalibur IV comic online that’s been made to teach newbies the way things are in the upcoming new fighter.

The comic stars newcomer Hildegarde Von Krone, or Hilde for short, and Cassandra. The two unlikely friends take readers through the many facets of Soulcalibur IV’s gameplay, including basics like the 8-Way Run, Ring-Outs, Guard Impacts and counters. Even more interesting, the later pages take on SCIV’s CAS or Create-a-Soul Character Customization/Creation feature, showing that players have a LOT more options and freedom to outfit and recreate the game’s fighters, be they part of the main, established cast or totally original creations made from scratch. Elements like Physique, muscles, voice, hair and face will be customizable along with costumes.

Some more info from the comic- you’ll be able to buy new equipment and costumes/customs from playing the game, and these many parts and outfits don’t just change your appearance- they will affect your character’s upgradeable stats like Attack Power, Defense Power, Vitality and Special Skill. Equipment will affect your skill points, which grow as you battle, kinda like experience points in an RPG. You’ll eventually learn abilities like automatic escape from throws (which hopefully won’t be broken) and other stuff. Cool!

This all sounds pretty awesome, and the comic will apparently continue to be updated with more pages that will take on other stuff like the Critical Finishers and Modes of Play in SCIV. Guess we’d all better subscribe to this comic.

Check out the manga yourself (in Japanese though) here.


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