Soulcalibur IV Hard Drive Install?

EDIT: Namco-Bandai has responded that the rumors are grossly overblown, and that any HD Installs for SCIV are in line with that of similar games. No details yet, but we’ll post them when we get ’em.

Kotaku just posted a rumor that Soulcalibur IV for the PS3 may require a hefty bit of space on your console’s hard drive- about 8.5 Gigs worth! Supposedly 6.5 of that will be stuff to run the game, while 2 Gigs will be allocated for Save Data (perhaps to contain all your CAS characters and customizations). MAN! That’s a lot. But this is, of course, still not confirmed. I’m not worried though- still got over a hundred gigs free on my upgraded PS3 drive, so it’s all good. Bring it on!

On the Xbox360 side, the official Xbox site has also indicated that SCIV will require Hard Drive space. It seems that this fighter is going to be costly, but hey- it should be worth it.

This is a bit of an uneasy trend, having these mandatory installs for consoles that don’t really come standard with large capacity drives. But, well, whatever gives the best gaming experience. More on this as it develops.


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