Tons of Soulcalibur IV Screens Show the Love!

Soulcalibur’s CAS Feature looks AWESOME.

Japan has it cool! Their version of Gamespot has a truckload of screens from the upcoming fighting game sequel Soulcalibur IV to make up for all the months we’ve been starved of content. The screenshots are of course from the Japanese version, and so feature a lot of kanji… but the pics speak for themselves. Mainly focused on the CAS (Create-a-Soul) or Character Creation, the screenshots give a pretty good idea of how awesome this improved feature will be.
The sample CAS characters shown in the screens easily have the same level of quality as the game’s established characters. From the screens as well, I can see you can create pretty cool renditions of characters from other games- I saw that you can make a reasonably accurate Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, and I think I see the makings of how you can have Old Snake himself from MGS4 do some more missions in SCIV.

Be as buff or wussy a warrior as you wanna be.

The screens also show off how you can change the muscle build of your fighter, from being a bit on the thin side (but still buff) to heavy and bulky like Rock or Astoroth, or buff glamazons like Ivy. From what I’ve seen as well, you build CAS from the established character skill sets, and it’s still up in the air if we’ll see the old classes and occupations from SCIII make a return (I wager they will though). The range so far of customs, armor, clothing and options make me really believe Soulcalibur IV is something really special. It looks truly next-gen and surely is something to look forward to. Just less than a month away! More on this as we get it, and I’m sure we will.

Check out Gamespot Japan’s gallery of Soulcalibur IV images here.


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