Tekken 6 Tidbit

Soulcalibur IV coming next month is good and all… but WHERE IS TEKKEN 6? I mean, THAT is the brawler of choice right now, and I’ve got the hours of playtime logged at the arcade to show for it. I can’t get enough of this game, but playing in the arcade can be pricey, and I just want to play in the comfort of my own lair. So where’s the PS3 version, we’re all asking.

Well, not quite solid yet, but Tekken Zaibatsu just posted that they have received a li’l bit of information saying that Tekken 6 will be featured in the upcoming E3 Entertainment Expo, which happens in Los Angeles, California this July 11-13. Nothing confirmed yet, but let’s keep our fingers crossed- with Soulcalibur pretty much ready to go out the door, perhaps Namco’s ready to let loose the Iron Fist Crew finally. More on this, as always, when we get it.


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